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Hey Folks It has been a while. The last time I sent out an email to my list was back in July. Since we last talked many things are changing in my life for the better! My wife, Julie and I anxiously waiting for the birth of our baby on the 24th of October and we are in the process of getting things ready for the little one. We have no choice but to get ready for this exciting day. Also, I am currently working on my MBA in Accounting and Finance through REGIS UNIVERSITY (one of Jesuit order of…

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Need a Sommelier-Contact Craig Beal 

Need a Sommelier-Contact Craig P. Beal for Wine Consulting Events/Tastings Cellar Management 720-280-3971 or e-mail him at

CDC: Don’t use that contact lens solution- AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution 

Government officials are warning consumers not to use AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution, a contact lens solution used for cleaning and storing soft contact lenses, because use of the solution may be linked to an increased risk of a rare, yet severe eye infection, the Associated Press reports The warning was announced after an ongoing government investigation found a potential association between use of the contact lens solution and an increased risk of Acanthamoeba keratitis.…

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My wife is pregnant!-YEA!! 

I want a healthy baby. She is due around October 24th, 2007. It does not matter if it is a boy or girl. All I want is a healthy baby. I will keep you posted the ecstatic guitarist! Robert Eldridge

DIA Nov 25, 2006-Day 3 playing at the Airport 

Back again, Saturday...Thursday my wife and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went skiing ( my second time ever) up in Breckenridge. The weather was great. We came back to Denver ate Thanksgiving dinner at Chinook Tavern in Cherry Creek( excellent food and cuisine)...Today I was placed again at my favorite location, the south end of DIA in front of the security check in...I had great time again. This two year boy along with his father really got into one of my finger-picking ditties. You should have…

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DIA Nov 22, 2006-Day 2 playing at the Airport 

Today I was placed in one of favorite parts of the Airport in the south end. The acoustic are fantastic. My guitar "mojo" was definetly one. It is shame that I cannot receive tips with this gig. I would have raked in the dough The city compensates the musician for their gift of music. While I was playing one of new songs(Unus Monasticas) that will be featured on future I had a music student major from Minnesota ask me if I made living off of music. I said, I don't, but I did tell him it is possible…

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DIA Nov 21, 2006-Day 1 playing at the Airport 

Today I was placed right before the security check it at concourse A near the office where many of the DIA employees walk in and out. At first it was kinda hard to get my guitar mojo going. After the first hour it was kinda like riding a bike. I had more comments from the TSA employees versus the passengers waiting to get their bags scrutinized for the usual TSA guideline for luggage etc.. It was nice seeing previous employees at the airport hang out and listen to me pluck out what I do best on the…

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Holiday Giveaway from Robert Eldridge(FREE) 

Hey guys Here's the catch...I will send you a personalized burned and signed copy of my OUT OF PRINT disc MUSIC for NPR from 5 years ago if you purchase 4 or more individual DIGITAL DOWNLOADED songs from my current disc ECLECTIC AND MENTAL GUITAR MUSIC-solo guitar-Vol 1 & 2 on Apples iTunes.(International Fans-the purchase must be 7 or more copies of the current disc) or any of the other digital download…

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