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Robert Eldridge: BLOG

Severe Weather in Denver-right now!. - June 3, 2005

6:14pm...I am suppose to be playing right now at Border's ...I called the store about 45 minutes ago...they said, there was funnel cloud above the store...I am just hangin out deciding whether to go down there and play...I will wait 15 minutes

just got word!!!! - June 1, 2005

My piece "Enlightened" of my new CD Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar Vol. 1 & 2 will be used in Episode Six of the PBS reality series ROADTRIP NATION. It will air sometime in June/July. I will keep you posted.

my "quads" are sore - May 31, 2005

Yesterday, I ran my 4th Boulder Boulder( a 50,000 person 10K road race since 1979) or you might say I jogged/walked the race. Anyhow, my quadriceps and feet are sore. It might have been the new shoes I did not break in....Two bands playing on the course I saw...Yo, Flaco and Pairadeux(Miss E. & Neil) rocked...I would like to give a shout out to them....It was great having them play on the course while we ran....


Week of the 23rd - May 25, 2005

Robert Eldridge Shows Week of the 23rd

A big thank you to all of you that stopped by the bevy of shows I had last week and a double big thank you to all who bought the new disc.

I will playing OUTSIDE this THUR the 26th in front of PRIMO VINO and Rheinlander Baker in OLDE TOWN ARVADA 6pm-8pm. FRI the 27th I stop by the very cool and new Wine AND Coffee Bar-MICHAELANGELOS(1 Broadway ) and set up shop from 7:30-9 or 10nish. MICHAELANGELOS is great with their three cheese plates with nuts, raisins on the stem, and a nice glass of PINOT NOIR. Finally, rounding out SAT, the 28th I land at STELLA COFFEEHAUS with their robust Americanos from 9-11pm.


Robert Eldridge

for more info, details or just to stop by to say "hola"

this week! - May 15, 2005

Hey guys,

Rob here....just wanted to let you know that I will be playing the Soiled Dove this
Thursday supporting Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Michael Lington in conjuction with CD
104.3 FM Smooth Jazz Denver. Show time kicks off at 7:00pm when I go on, followed by
the incredible Michael Lington. Friday I head down to Borders Books from 6pm-8pm
and my rock band ZEUT plays at the Cricket on the Hill on FRIDAY night as well. You have
a myriad of choices, including just sitting at home reading a good book, surfing my
website, taking care of the kids, and checking out a good movie. Overall, no

yours truly
& make it a great day or night

Robert Eldridge ;-)

p.s you can always find info and details on the site

my 4th 5 STAR AMAZON review - May 14, 2005

Reviewer: Caster Jack "casterjack9" (the East Coast, USA) - See all my reviews

This is a musician who will not be pigeon-holed into any category, who defies categorization, and who can make something beautiful in everything he touches. Seriously.

just input any company that gave out a ton of stock options over the last 5 years - May 11, 2005

XYZ is currently
evaluating the impact of SFAS 123(R) on its consolidated financial statements and has not yet selected a transition
method for adopting this standard....IMHO this will contribute to a significant downturn in the financial market later this year...anywho...go listen to music!.....

turned 39 Today... - May 10, 2005

Wow, one more year and I start a new decade of creativity ..............

D-Note Wine Tasting shin-dig was great - May 7, 2005

hey guys,

next time I play the wine tasting event at the D-note, I would encourage you guys to come over and join us...It was a great time yesterday....

Blind Alley(for U-92 Blue Show)-available for free download - May 6, 2005

hey folks,

My piece BLIND ALLEY is available for free download this month ENJOY...


Monet in Fort Collins has closed - May 6, 2005

hey folks....FYI...I had a show scheduled on May 24, 2005 that was cancelled because the venue Monet had to close their doors....I wish Phil and the rest of the gang goodluck in their endeavors....oh yea...I just uploaded two compositions from my last CD -MUSIC for NPR for your listening pleasure...check the music section...see ya at D-Note later today....

www.soundslikeradio.net - April 27, 2005

THIS IS VERY COOL...check it out
casting you the best in new music; transcending oppressive style and genre restrictions; unleashing the world's musical underground

Mountain Homegrown Volume 3 CD - April 22, 2005

Mountain Homegrown Volume 3 CD

CD Release Party: Thursday 4/28 at the Walnut Room from 6-9pm (3131 Walnut Street, Downtown Denver). Melissa Ivey, Robert Eldridge and Trampoline will be performing, and the legendary Hazel Miller will be stopping by early to jam, so be there at 6.

CD Available: Friday 4/29 at all Tatterd Cover Book Store and Gentleman's Quarters locations.

You may have heard previews from Mountain Homegrown Volume 3 each morning at 6:30. Well, this Thursday (4/28) marks the official release… and we’re gonna have a party. Join the Mountain at the acoustically-splendid Walnut Room, at 3131 Walnut Street, this coming Thursday from 6-9pm.

Friday, April 29th, Mountain Homegrown Volume 3 will become available at any Tattered Cover Book Store, Gentleman’s Quarters locations. Let’s give a shout to our pals at Volkswagen for underwriting Volume 3, which raises funds for financially-strapped music programs in Front Range schools.

Another 5 STAR REVIEW from AMAZON - April 22, 2005

Reviewer: The Aeolian Kid "the-aeolian-kid" (WAMESIT) - See all my reviews

Robert Eldridge - Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music ...
Track 1. Spacey delay and reverb. Bouncy. Put on the headphones and groove! ... Track 2. Nice note-bends. Eno-ish. Frippertronic-like. ... Track 3. Full-bodied and chunky. Hefty! Think: R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders. ... Track 4. Very accapela-ish. Nice volume-pedal-like effects and contrapuntal delays that evoke Yo Yo Ma's warm cello. (You can hear people talking in the background.) ... Track 5. Upbeat and lively. Danceable! Great finger-picking guitar work. ... Track 6. Spacey. Whale mating calls. Beautiful, melodic, Malian-like note-runs. Griot to the core! ... Track 7.Chiming. Charming. Classical. Every note sings! Rhythmic, powerful, and dramatic. John Fahey territory! ... Track 8. Bluesy. Funky. Slippin' and slidin'. Again, real Malian Griot-like. Clap your hands and stomp your feet! (Too bad there's background noise.) ... Track 9. Classical guitar pyrotechnics. Spanish-sounding, with a dynamic feel. ... 10. Jazzy and sprite! Sounds like there is a bass player playing along. Jingle Bells, indeed! ... 11. Cool and jazzy. Echoes of Taj Mahal meets Johanne Sebastian Bach. Where's Jimmy Buffett? ... Track 12. Delicate and lovely. Sensitive and spacey. Deeply moving. Echoes of The Edge. Nice fingerwork, but background noise is distracting at 7:00 minutes into the song. ... Nick's bagel's ready! ... Track 13. Norwegian Wood meets Segovia. Images of oceanside, Greek tavernas. ... Track 14. Entering Jorma Kaukonen territory! I can feel the warm, tube glow of the Fender Twin Reverb amp! Fingerlickin-good and as tasty as tenderloin! Do I hear money-coins tossed up on stage before the artist's feet? ... Track 15. Beautiful chordal passages. Effervescent melodic runs. Nice dynamic shifts in sound and tempo. Socrates said that The Muse told him in a dream to "make music." ... Track 16. Laid-back and lovely. Jazzy. Driving-back home music on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. ... My buddy, Robert, has produced a wonderful and intimate listening experience of his live performance before an audience. It will grab you! ... YOWZA! - The Aeolian Kid, EARTH DAY, April 22, 2005 )

taking a break.... - April 15, 2005

It is 9:13pm down in LODO at Common Grounds..just decided to a break..the night started out great..Jim and Lou siting waiting for me play..they bought a CD after hearing 3 songs...that must some kinda of record for me at least...Brian David, the Barista hooked me up with my Soy Green Tea Cambrics(my favorite coffee-shop drink)...There's been about maybe a dozen or more people in and out of the shop...It seems most of people listening are enjoying it ..walking in and out of the coffee shop....I am,at least...playing
Live for me; whether in a coffee shop or The Fox Theatre in Boulder is surely a rush...I have been waiting on call from the Boulder Theater...I am trying to open up or do support for Victor Wooten on the 29th...wish me luck...I left about a half a dozen messages for Kirk Peterson-talent buyer for the Boulder Theater...so far no dice...I am patient though...If it has happens, then great...if not, then half so great....I used the same persistence with the Fox and Bluebird...I may have to give my One-man staff a raise....Oops 9:21Pm I better start playing...Brian the Barista said he wants to close shop for the music about 10:00pm...Later Mates ;-)

THE HomeGROWN Vol. 3 - April 14, 2005

Hey folks,
Tommorrow morning on 99.5FM The Mountain between the hours of 6:29-6:40AM...I will be FEATURED as the very first cut to be PLAYED on THE MOUNTAIN for the NEW DISC VOLUME 3....TUNE in...



It has been RETURNED - April 12, 2005

Good people do exist. My laptop and briefcase were returned to me TODAY. I should play the Lottery. Thanks for all you help....just got back from the Dentist...and I am playing down the P&L tonight...I hope this numb feeling goes away from the novacaine by tonight 4:18pm

REWARD for the Safe RETURN of my black briefcase or BAG - April 10, 2005

REWARD for the safe return for my BLACK KENNETH COLE Briefcase or BAG with the all the CONTENTS. NO QUESTIONS ASKED from AMTRAK TRAIN no. 5 DENVER to GRAND JUNCTION! If you open it up it has my name a company SPENCER EDWARDS in the flap... e-mail for details of the REWARD

In Grand Junction right now - April 8, 2005

hey guys,

I am in Grand Junction at the Double Tree waiting to get in touch with the Salt Lake City Amtrak train station personel. I left my laptop on train. I am praying it is still on the train. Oh yes, I played the WINETRAIN today and met a bevy of wonderful people including Jay and James. It was an incredible experience seeing all the beautiful scenery that Colorado has to offer. I sold about six or seven CD's on the train. A big thank you to CD 104.3 and Mike Kirby, the Grand Junction Visitors and Convention Bureau and all that listened to my music It is 11:36pm and I am patiently waiting for the train that left Grand Junction To see if the train still has my laptop. We me luck. LOTS PLEASE!

Check out Michaelangelos-New Coffee and Wine Bar - April 4, 2005

Really cool new Coffee and Wine Bar on 1 Broadway in DENVER...very unique place....stop in
....Michael Palermo new place

back from STEAMBOAT - April 3, 2005

Zeut, my band played up in Steamboat Springs, CO this past Fri and Sat. We had an incredible two nights of music and merriment at the TUGBOAT. They really embraced ZEUT up there. My finance' Julie also joined us. Julie and I went snowshoeing up on Rabbit Ear pass on Saturday during the day. Now I back in Denver.

Our Dog MAX - March 31, 2005

For those of you who have the CD, If you look in the insert on the acknowledge part, then you will see one of the individuals in all capital letters as MAX. MAX, our (Julie and I)'s West Highland Terrier of 12 and half years passed away yesterday. It was a hard day for us. MAX was a great dog.

Patriot and Loyalist visit 2 (open Mic) - March 30, 2005

It is 1:04 a.m. I just got back from the open mic that Phil Jensen host for the P& L every Tuesday. I walked in the door around 9pm and TUT was playing with his retro progressive sounding 12 string prowess coupled with his vibrato vocal stylings. I walked up to the bar an ordered and RB&V. The bartender Kolby ask if I wanted to run a tab. I said yes. He proceeded to tell me he bought one of my CD the last time I played. I thanked him for his support. Briefly chatted with Phil to see what time I was playing. He said there was two more before me. I then proceeded to chat with Brett ( awesome tap stylist) and I introduced myself to Tut. Lily Scott, a 15 year song-writing prodigy with voice like pure "butter" proceeded to bellow out "indy-style" folk that lit the room up. Scott Mossman played next about this time starting with some cool Steve Winwood in his advant folk style. I played next and opened with Mosca de fruta gitana, then Celtic Canter followed by Salsa(habanero) and ending with Linus and Lucy. Steve Varney played after me with hints of John Mayer meets Dave Matthew meet Paul Weller. Steve was a very solid rhythm stylist. Vaughn Tromburg ( Phil Jensen's son) played with an incredible hungry passionate fury developing a solid mature style of his own. Vaughn is playing next week at the P& L. you should definetly check him out. Dave Preston played after Vaughn and also played with intensity and talent as well. He played a touching piece written by his manager who was watching him (Dave) play with sheer support. Brett Marler followed and busted out his very proficient 7-string touch styling blowing the room away again. George Hall( song writer with MOXY) joined with host Phil Jensen on mandolin( he just starting playing mando ), they played George's comical original piece entitled, EVERY TIME I PUMP ETHEL, I GET GAS along with his poignant(self described) 15 Crosses.
Rebecca and TIm( they just got back from the east coast -NJ) played next during their renditon of Neil Young's DONT LET IT BRING YOU DOWN. Tim utilized this LOOP technology that is foreign to me. He was stellar incorporating it into his set. Kim displayed a voice of absolute confidence coupled with TIm's LOOP stylings.... Another great night of talented song-writers and musicians. I then had to go. I had to wake up and go to work.


another 5 star REVIEW on AMAZON - March 28, 2005

Joanna Daneman (top 10 REVIEWER on AMAZON)(Middletown, DE USA)

I think I must have played one of my Narada CD's (Guitar Decade) about 1000 times now--it's the kind of thing I like to relax to. Now Robert Eldridge has composed and performed solo guitar that ranges from New Age tuneful to almost ambient and it's now in my alarm clock-CD player for that late-evening-I-need-to-relax headphone time. Also, it's not a bad thing to wake up to.

I love the "Flamenco Equizofrenico" with its guitar ostinato plucking (that's my reveille) and I really admired the opening track "Enlightened." (That's my put-on-the-eyemask-headphone and zone out selection.) For fun, there's some Scott Joplin.

Good news; there are free MP3 downloads here so you can sample these gratis. I have a feeling that if you like what you hear as much as I did, you'll be wanting the entire cd. This one is now in my CD player next to the bed and I don't think it's going to be taken out any time soon.

Best Recording Made at Einstein Bros. Bagels - March 24, 2005

From westword.com
Originally published by Westword Mar 24, 2005
©2005 New Times, Inc. All rights reserved.

Best Recording Made at Einstein Bros. Bagels
Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music
Robert Eldridge

When Robert Eldridge decided to commit his acoustic wizardry to disc, he didn't bother with pricey studios. No, Eldridge simply went to an Einstein Bros. Bagel outlet, plugged a pick-up into his six-string and let 'er rip. Recorded live and expertly mastered by Desert Airport's Eric Shiveley, Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music finds Zeut's lead electric-guitarsmith alternating between ragtime, classical, blues, calypso and something he calls "schizophrenic flamenco." There's even the background noise of a lunchtime crowd. The only thing missing is lox and a shmear.

westword.com | originally published: March 24, 2005
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