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Robert Eldridge: BLOG

It has been 6 years-SMOKE FREE - November 18, 2005

Six years ago today, I quit smoking and It is feels great. I quit "cold turkey". I made a $100 on-going bet with my buddy David Ross around this time six years ago right before his wedding. I was Dave's best man and now the god-father of his son Jackson David Ross. He returned the favor by being my best man in my wedding 4 month ago. Smoking was the hardest thing for me to give up. I found that "slamming" a jug of water to the point of satiety helped me finally kick the habit. Anywho...good luck to those trying....


robert eldridge

Denver's Next Big Thing - November 15, 2005

BORN IN THE FLOOD....just my humble opinion....


robert eldridge

the eclectic and mental guitarist

I have started working on the NEW DISC - November 8, 2005

hey guys,

FYI....I am starting to work on ECLECTIC and MENTAL GUITAR MUSIC-solo guitar Volumes 3 & 4. starting this THURS at NISSI's from 4:30pm-6pm...stop by if you get a chance.

take care

Robert Eldridge


incredibly" stoked" guitarist - October 29, 2005

My latest CD entitled "Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar- VOLUMES 1 & 2 just got played on one of the best out of box station in the U.S.-KCRW at of SANTA MONICA, CA on the show NEW GROUNDS the show that features forthcoming new release and the best new music.

incredibly stoked guitarist

robert eldridge ;-)

NOON - 2PM Today's Guest / Show Comments:
Return to Top

12:00 Ben Kweller Lollipop Stubbs The Zombie (ost)
Shout Factory
12:03 Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell Hits
12:05 Barenaked Ladies Crazy Gordon
Sire Records
12:08 Blue Mitchell (jimmy Heath) The Thing To Do The Thing To Do
Blue Note
12:18 Au Revoir Simone Through The Backyards Au Revoir Simone
12:23 Goldfrapp Time Out From The World Supernature
Mute Records
12:28 William Orbit They Live In The Sky Hello Wave Forms (jan 7 Rel)

12:32 Lemon Jelly The Curse Of Ka'zar (inst) Lost Horizons
12:41 ROBERT ELDRIDGE SANTA LOUISA Eclectic And Mental Guitar Music-SOLO GUITAR vol. 1 & 2
Soundclick.com/roberteldridge.com <1> 12:46 Finley Quaye Even After All Maverick A Strike
550 Music
12:50 Broadcast Bit 35 Tender Buttons
Warp Records
12:52 Minotaur Shock Luck Shield Maritime
12:57 Bjork With Will Oldham Gratitude Music From Drawing Restraint 9 (ost)
One Little Indian
1:03 Cranberries Linger Best Of - Millennium Collection
1:10 Tenderfoot Cloud In Your Sky Without Gravity
One Little Indian
1:15 Harada Ikuko Waltz -instrumental (track 6) Piano
Japanese Import
1:22 Lee Ann Womack She's Got You I Tunes Originals
1:27 Bonnie Raitt Gnawin' On It I Tunes Originals
1:30 Oranger Mr.sandman Stubbs The Zombie (ost)
Shout Factory
1:34 George Harrison Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Brainwashed
1:40 The Flaming Lips If I Only Had A Brain Stubbs The Zombie (ost)
Shout Factory
1:44 Barenaked Ladies Am I The Only One Maybe You Should Drive
1:48 Cat Stevens The Wind Classics Vol 24
1:49 Congotronics Kule Kule (lite Vox) Konono No 1
Crammed Disc
1:53 Johann Johannsson Odi Et Amo Screaming Masterpiece (ost)
One Little Indian
1:56 Hem Leave Me Here Rabbit Songs

Acto Guitar Blog-Interview With Robert Eldridge - October 17, 2005

They just did a interview with me....


Had my first CT Scan last night - October 8, 2005

Yes, no joke...I had my first CAT scan last night...I am not going into too much detail...It was the longest 2-5 minutes of my life going thru that jumbo "donut"...pen -ultimate bottom-line It was not my fault...this young human of sorts ran a stop sign and my head was jumbled of sorts in a little "fender bender"...bottom-line CT Scan was negative and I am totally copacetic...I hope.....???


Giving the blast e-mail a rest - October 5, 2005

FYI--I am at Nissi's in Lafayette tonight...see the link "when and where on the Website..." for details


robert e.

I will be featured on this station(WSLR) in Florida tommorrow night - September 27, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Last night show posted - September 13, 2005

Please check the link that has the music....For those of you who missed the Live broadcast last night can now stream it at your leisure.....


LIVE RADIO BROADCAST this MONDAY Worldwide - September 11, 2005

Hosted By:Elaine C. Erb
When: Monday Sep 12, 2005
at 7:00 PM
Where: KGNU
Boulder, CO 80203
Robert Eldridge

Click Here To View Event

Back from Puerta Vallarta - August 21, 2005

hey guys,

Just got back from Mexico with my wife Julie...WE HAD A GREAT TIME...I will be posting pics and additional info soon.....


robert e. ;-}

wish me luck !!-Grammy consideration -e-mail - August 5, 2005

CONGRATULATIONS! You have submitted your Entries to The Recording Academy in consideration for the 48th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS.

We are happy to confirm that we have received your entries and that they
are currently being processed by the Awards Department.

DO NOT FORGET TO SEND YOUR PRODUCT WITH A PACKING LIST! This is the last step on your part in order for us to process your Entries.

NOTE: NO new additions or modifications of your submissions can be made
at this point.



The Recording Academy
Attn: Grammy Awards Product/ALLYSON RUBIN
3402 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Date: 8/4/2005
User ID#: 30A32352
Contact: Robert Eldridge
Contact Email:

General & Craft Categories

UPC: # 783707-002804 - Number of Recordings to send: 6

Robert Eldridge - Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar Volumes 1 &
2 (A)
Entry#: 7482 Format: CD - Cat. 22 - Alternative

Robert Eldridge - Eclectic and Mental Music-solo guitar Volumes 1 & 2 (A)
Entry#: 7506 Format: CD - Cat. 44 - New Age

Robert Eldridge - Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar Volumes 1 &
2 (A)
Entry#: 7505 Format: CD - Cat. 48 - Jazz Inst I/G

Robert Eldridge - Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar Volumes 1 &
2 (A)
Entry#: 7481 Format: CD - Cat. 73 - Contemp World

oh well....I tried and will keep trying.... - July 27, 2005


July 27, 2005

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your submission to Starbucks Music & Entertainment. Your submission was forwarded for response. While we sincerely appreciate your interest in Starbucks Music & Entertainment and your desire to share your submission with us, we are not interested in pursuing this opportunity with you at this time.

As you can appreciate, we receive a number of submissions and are also active in developing products and entertainment ideas on our own. Your music did acquire positive reception, but our project calendar is currently locked in for the year. We would like to formally acknowledge the receipt even though we are not interested in pursuing your proposal at this time. We appreciate you thinking of us for your submission and wish you well in the future.


The Hear Music Team

Starbucks Entertainment

What is SETI@home?-try it - July 21, 2005

What is SETI@home?
SETI@home is a scientific experiment that harnesses the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You participate by running a free program or "client" that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. Since the start of the project, more than 4.5 million users have downloaded the SETI@home client, and at this time more than 500,000 users are actively participating. SETI@home is now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest computation ever done on earth -- more than 1,500,000 CPU-years of computing time have been accumulated. The latest total statistics are available from the SETI@home web site.

check my link page

$20 and the fly Save $13.50 - July 15, 2005

I am sitting here at Mile High Coffee in Englewood, CO and I just happen to observe some guy looking at my disc on the shelf and upon seeing the price of my disc, low and behold! and he shrugs his shoulders in slight disgust wincing at the price of $20. His buddy states, "what's up?" The other states, Some guy trying to rip some one off....Awesome!.....
This happens to be my first experience on being a fly on the wall. He did not know or maybe did that I was sitting across from him. Anywho, for all of yens who think I am trying to rip you off, please go to iTunes and download the whole disc for $6.50. Save $13.50

make it a great day ;-'0)

.p.s.except from a very good article from Derek Silver of CDBABY
...People aren't as price-sensitive, and there's even a feeling that prices too low are just stupid & pointless, since they're OK with paying more. Might even be a cultural bias so that if a CD is selling for $10-$15 it's assumed there's something wrong with it.....YES I KNOW WE ARE NOT IN JAPAN...


Nic Harcourt has a gift!... - July 14, 2005

The Show out of Santa Monica, CA entitled "Morning Becomes Eclectic" hosted by Nic Harcourt plays the most enlightened, fresh, and cool tracks out of any format I have heard on any radio station in the US. He definetly has a gift for picking really good & not know music....take a spin sometimes



Exactly One Month from Now - July 13, 2005

I will be tying the knot with Julie Christina Nicodemus. Yea!....

H5N1 - July 11, 2005

Sunday, July 10, 2005
H5N1 avian strain expected to become next viral pandemic
The World Health Organization is to be applauded for its efforts to try to ramp up product of vaccines to protect people from the coming flu pandemic. Despite their best intentions, however, the world isn't ready for such a viral outbreak. Should such an epidemic actually occur soon, millions of people will likely be killed while waiting for vaccines. There simply isn't enough flu vaccine production to go around.
Smart consumers will turn to immune boosting strategies that rely on boosting their flu immunity rather than vaccinations. A tremendous number of anti-viral vitamins, minerals, Amazon herbs, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements are available right now to boost immune system function and fight off viral infections (including the H5N1 strain). As far as vitamins and minerals go, the two best defenders against viral infections are vitamin C and zinc. In the world of herbs, echinacea and astragalus have earned a strong reputation as virus fighters. A wide assortment of foods also help boost immune system function: foods like garlic, ginger and onions.

In fact, surviving the next pandemic need not depend on vaccines at all. Healthy individuals can survive the pendemic merely by dramatically boosting immune system function and supplementing with anti-viral herbs as well as powerful antioxidants (see related ebook on antioxidants) like astaxanthin.


Toronto --- The world is at an unprecedented time in the history of influenza with the threat posed by the current widespread outbreak of the H5N1 avian strain in Asia, a conference on global infectious diseases was told Tuesday.
Few tools exist to contain the virus, which has decimated poultry stocks across broad swaths of Asia and has defied the experts by jumping directly --- and with lethal impact --- into several species of mammals, including humans.
"We're very limited in what we can do for this virus," Dr. David Heymann of the World Health Organization told participants at the two-day conference, organized by the University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital's Centre for Global Health Research.
"This virus is rapidly spreading around the world, the fear of course being that H5N1 from chickens will enter a human and.
reassort to form a human influenza virus which will then have genetic characteristics of a human virus, spread rapidly around the world and cause deaths," said Dr. Heymann, executive director of the WHO's communicable diseases division.
The process Dr. Heymann was referring to would mark the start of a new influenza pandemic, an event most flu researchers believe is both inevitable and overdue.
The longest period between pandemics has been 30 to 40 years, noted Dr. Allison McGeer, an infectious diseases specialist at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital.
The last pandemic was 36 years ago, the Hong Kong flu of 1968.
The spectre of a pandemic with the extraordinarily virulent H5N1 strain is making for sleepless nights in the community of influenza researchers.
Experts say the best hope to contain the damage would be vaccine, but vaccine takes months to make.

Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20041109.wfluu1109/BNStory/National/


Free DOWNLOADs from AMAZON - July 7, 2005

Royal Gala Apples - July 7, 2005

I just got through eating a very tasty ROYAL GALA New Zealand #4174 apple sitting at my desk at work. I would encourage all of you to go out now and get one these Gala Apples. Do it now !

very cool station-KCRW playlist from the Morning Becomes Eclectic show from Today - July 5, 2005

TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2005 Morning Becomes Eclectic
9AM - NOON Return to Top

8:59 Calexico El Picador (fill) Hot Rail
9:04 Simon & Garfunkel The Only Living Boy In New York The Essential
Columbia / Legacy
9:08 Kate Earl Someone To Love Fate Is The Hunter
Record Collection
9:11 Gomo Santa's Depression Best Of Gomo
Universal Music
9:15 Am Mainstay - Pedal Mix Mainstay-remix
Self Release
9:19 Sly And The Revolutionaires Cocaine (fill) Dub Massive - Chapter One
9:25 Paul Anka Jump Rock Swings
9:28 Si*se Sometimes More Shine
9:33 Beck Missing Guero
9:38 Laura Veirs Firesnakes

9:42 Laurent Garnier Cycles D'oppositions (fill) Unreasonable Behavior
9:47 Elliott Smith Waltz #2 (xo) Xo
9:52 Bird York In The Deep Crash - Ost
9:58 Tosca Pyjama (fill) Jac
10:04 Tom Mcrae How The West Was Won All Maps Welcome
Sony Uk
10:11 Gary Jules W/ Jim Bianco Been A Long Time Bird
10:14 Rolling Stones Street Fighting Man Stripped
10:18 Jackie Greene Write A Letter Home Sweet Somewhere Bound
Verve Forecast
10:23 Crooked Fingers Islero (fill) Dignity & Shame
10:27 Laura Cantrell Khaki & Corduroy Humming By The Flowered Vine
10:32 Royksopp Follow My Ruin The Understanding
10:35 Every Move A Picture Signs Of Life Signs Of Life
Self Release
10:39 Little Barrie Be The One We Are Little Barrie
10:42 Electrelane You Make Me Weak At The Knees (fill) The Power Out
Too Pure
10:45 Kronos Quartet And Asha Bhosle Take Another Toke You've Stolen My Heart
10:50 Morcheeba Daylight Robbery Antidote
10:53 Frank Black I Burn Today Honeycomb
Back Porch
10:57 Stephan Micus Passing Cloud (fill) Vedic Path - Ost
Palm Pictures
11:05 Robbie Robertson Rattlebone Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy
11:10 Spellbound No Mas Casadas Encantos
Selfish Recordings
11:17 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
11:22 Daniel Lanois Sketches (fill) Belladonna
11:27 Missy Higgins Moses (patty Griffin Cover) Unreleased - Mbe Live Session

11:30 Dee Dee Bridgewater J'ai Deux Amours J'ai Deux Amours
11:34 Randy Newman God's Song (that's Why I Love Mankind) Lonely At The Top - Best Of
11:39 Caribou Bees (fill) Milk Of Human Kindness
11:42 Giant Sand Red Right Hand Cover Magazine
Thrill Jockey
11:49 Brazilian Girls Sirenes De La Fete Brazilian Girls
11:53 Ian Pooley Stonyridge Terr Souvenirs

Happy 4th of July - July 4, 2005

Hello folks,

I would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. If you plan to have fun, then enjoy, but do so responsibly.

take care
the eclectic and mental guitarist

Be the highest bidder on my CD - June 23, 2005

or get the CD for cheap


Another Friday of "crappy" Weather-hmmm.. - June 10, 2005

I am sitting around again looking forward to playing outside at the Colorado Wine Festival with thunderstorms and rain dancing all around the metro region again. Hey, it is all good....


robert eldridge ;-)

Busy Week of Robert Eldridge Show's - June 6, 2005

Busy Week of Robert Eldridge Show's
body Hey folks,

Rob here...Top of the week to ya...I have busy week of show's starting this WED at 6pm at the WARWICK downtown Denver for a Homegrown 99.5 The Mountain "shindig" starting a 6pm. THUR I scurry over to the Capu Vine (another Wine & Coffee bar) on University. Friday and Saturday, the 6th ANNUAL COLORADO WINE FESTIVAL kicks off in THORNTON and then I wind down on SUNDAY morning at the MARRIOTT for my JAZZ BRUNCH...I hope all is well....and everyone have a wonderful week.

your friend

robert eldridge ;-)

p.s other news of note...Another Documentary, in addition to the PBS one I mentioned will feature 3 to 4 of my songs off my new CD this summer dealing with the ALASKA WILDERNESS LEAUGUE in conjunction with VISIONARIES Inc. out of Stoughton, MA
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