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Robert Eldridge: Links

Citrus, the man the musician
The funkmaster who has played with his icons and more....Check him out...!
Yann Tiersen
An incredibly emotive French composer that will definetly leave a dent in the epitome of modern composers.....
Asa the Comic
you tube comedy phenom....check it out!!
Dan Nesson's Blogspot
Another cool friend and his blog....
Matt Millecchia
please check out Matt Millecchia an old musical colleague, friend and gifted guitarist.......! Matt was born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. He began playing guitar at age 14, and almost immediately began writing music and performing live. After leaving WV in 1998, and brief travels out west, Matt settled in Rochester, NY in the winter of 1999. Though his musical projects have varied greatly from punk, metal, and folk bands to theatrical compositions and solo performances, since leaving West Virginia, his music became focused almost entirely on his instrumental acoustic guitar work. After many years of exploration and development with steel string acoustic guitar, Matt's songwriting and musicianship had reached such a level that the founder of Windham Hill Records, William Ackerman, became interested in producing a record with Matt. Matt has just a released a new CD entitled, "Silhouette of a Season" which was produced by William Ackerman of Windham Hill Records fame. Matt Millecchia Many world renowned musicians have joined him on the record including T-Bone Wolk (bass, Carly Simon, Hall and Oates, SNL), Michael Manring, Eugene Friesen, Derrik Jordan, Steve Schuch and guitarist and Grammy Award winning songwriter himself, William Ackerman. Other recent developments include appearing as guest artist on the Rochester local cable TV show, "The Music Show" and a live "on the air" interview and performance on 98.9 The Buzz's Sunday Night Shakedown.
Scott Heaton
Documentation of cyclist and photographer, etc Scott Heaton...check it out!
Mary Camacho
Check out Mary Camacho's blog...:)
Keep up to date on the Man and Legend -Prince
Prince....need I say more
neo-retro-brit rock soul...
Tempa and the Tantrums
Tempa and the crew giving you the soul, blues and rock with LOVE & LIGHT
Melanie Sursuras Band
Melanie Susuras, David Derby-D2, Chris Childres-The Chris, Amada Ray-voxgirl, & Jon burquest bring a unique and cool folk pop rock sound with stellar harmonies and groove.
Kotaro Oshio
the Japanese Michael Hedges...better yet...unique to his own!....
Gregory Nisnevich
Gregory Nisnevich Guitarist, Artist, Argentine Tango Dancer...
Gregory Nisnevich began his music studies in St. Petersburg, Russia at the age of four. He studied with Vladimir Denisov, Yevgeniya Riabokon and Ilya Permiakov. He continued his education with Joseph Urshalmi at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music in Israel, where he later became a faculty member
f a c e
Face – a nationally recognized all-vocal rock band bringing a new edge and attitude to the human voice. Using the full range of sounds that the voice can produce, including vocal percussion or “beat-box,” Face performs rock, pop, funk and upbeat jazz. No other instruments or special effects – just seven guys....If you don't dig these guys, then something is wrong with you.....
Chet Atkins
pretty much one of my early guitar heros
LEA-Incredible Acoustic Soul!!
Wow,...not only an incredible guitar skill set, sweet vocals, but awesome song-writing as well....
Clark Buelow
This guy was my roommate at Cedar Point. An excellent songwriter, vocalist and player. He his the epitome of CSNY all rolled into one.
Alessia Mattalia
An incredible drummer from Italy that plays in the group The Spins..She ROX!
ELizabeth Rose
Charming and elegant as a rose petal of vocal bliss.....dial up here site....
BFD Blues Band
Check out one of my ex-band mates Monica Robins...she has some pipes...
Moon the Band
they friggin ROCK!!!!...OMG! Husker Du meets Monkees or Byrds meet the Ramones or Kinks meet J Mascis... throw in some 60's garage and you'll get an idea
Dick Meis-premier pedal steel
An incredible pedal steel player....
Jason Becker
he is an inspiration on all cylinders....
I did a few benefits with these guys and WESTWORDS 25th Anniversary at the FILLMORE Denver a fews years back.....Check these guys OUT
Angie Stevens
I would describe as angelic, soulful, powerful and poised as performer....please check her out.
Brent Mason
Nashville's Finest in Chicken Pickin'
Opie Gone Bad
Opie Gone Bad is a local favorite that rocks the house with their funky beat and smouth sounds. Our music is fun, make you wanna’ dance “Alternative Funk” with influences from THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPERS, 311, JAMES BROWN, STEVIE WONDER, etc….
The weblog of Todd Park Mohr. Philosophy; east and west, Religious traditions, formal philosophy, cultural criticism, politics. Painting, photography, poetry, podcast extras.
Zack Nichols
a song-writer, guitarist and vocalist the fuses with the enviroment in a subtle yet powerful way...check him out...
Jim and the boys know how to bend the rail....check em out
you have never heard anything like this.....
Trace Bundy
the guitar ninja...check this guy out.....
Sigur Rós
from Iceland...need we say more....
Johny Hiland
Great Nashville picker...!
Chinese music and western classical music genius
Chris Douridas
...longtime music curator, radio host, and Grammy nominee Chris Douridas..also host of KCRW...the very first to play my music on the West Coast
Mike Brick
An incredibly way out of the box guitarist and recording engineer with sheer talent.....
Billy Atwell
A buddy from college who composes some of the most amazing music around..Please check em out....
Born in the Flood
Denver's next big thing...IMHO.....
Akil Dasan
Akil Dasan is no ordinary hip-hop artist. An African Judaic blend of multiple ethnicities/cultures, Akil stands out from the crowd for an entirely different reason - he provides a blend of multilpe talents: rapper, singer, guitarist, DJ, writer, beat-boxer and breakdancer, Akil doesn't just perform hip-hop, he embodies everything that hip-hop is
there is only one Hasidic Reggae superstar...check him out......
Melissa Ivey
A talent here in Denver to pay attention to.......
Rich LaPenna
A musician/guitarist that play very passionate and visionary compositions...please visit
Jill Watkins
the talented and humble Ms. Jill Watkins is making a name for herself in Denver and beyond...also a very long-time and sweet friend
Eric Shiveley-excellent song-writer/producer
he produced my last disc..he has new CD OUT called El Diablo...I would highly recommend downloading his new disc for FREE at his website
Singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens has a lofty goal: exploring each of the 50 states in song. He's already released a critically acclaimed full-length CD simply called Michigan. His latest honors the people, places and history of Illinois.
Rachael Yamagata
just another awesome favorite....
Raul Midon
He reminds of a cross between Keller Williams(trumpet sounds)- Jeffery Osbourne(sp)-Stevie Wonder meet w/ a tad of Michael Hedges coupled with a little brazilian and world and funk...very sweet...
Ron Patrick
good friend...talented musician...imho, he sounds like a cross between Steve Winwood and Pete Gabriel vocally...check it out
very cool LA indie band
Dave McGraw
You have to check out Dave McGraw and Crow Wing! A compassionate collection of stories from the high desert intertwined with sun setting on it....
Audie Jarvis
sheer silk...nashville girl used to live in carbondale, co..check her out...
Elliot Holden
Incredible picker in the vain of Hendrix, Eric Johnson and Jeff Beck...my brotha can play!
Check out Mike's Artwork
Niki Jenewein
very nice soulful, tasty, silk-like vocalist...
Philip Glass
my favorite modern composer
Artist, singer, songwriter and pilgrim of indie music with 30+ albums, hundreds of songs, and dozens of fans
Matthew Moon
check out moon pie man...
LIZA ROX for sure
ex-Front woman and founder of ZUBA with her SOLO endeavors...by far one of the best singer/songwriters and tasty guitarist around with the voice of pure nectar...
Don Conoscenti
singer/songwriter-It would be you to your advantage to check this guy out...
Very Incredible Blues/Rock guitarist from JAPAN
HMC - Hiromusicology...music instrument performance...
Denver's Power Duet-check em' out
Michael Hedges site
just one of the guitarist that had impact on my passion as a guitarist
Tage Plantell

Tage Plantell began learning guitar and piano at the young age of 5 and has now been a professional musician for over 15 years

Tage's new solo album, “WORDS AND MUSIC BY TAGE PLANTELL” features a sound that is easily palatable yet distinctly different with it's unique collection of influences which will keep you coming back for a deeper listen.

The Aeolian Kid-George Koumantzelis
The Aeolian Kid-George Koumantzelis...check it out!...
PHIL JENSEN-Great Voice, awesome songwriter and player
Check out Phil's site a bevy of info on his cool open-mics and other useful tidbits
Jaquie Gipson
Another incredibly talented guitarist from Trinidad, CO
Dan Walker Music
Fresh off winning the Acoustic Blues Competition at the Telluride Blues and Brew Festival, Dan Walker infuses americana, funk, rock, and the blues into his soulful originals.
Neil Haverstick
Microtonal Guitar Wizard/Composer of the 19 and 34 tone guitars
the "Female Hedges"
she is incredible.....
Mandy Ferrarini
Mandy, what can I say, She is a stellar folk enhanced guitar riffing lass that will captivate your inner soul. Please check her out....!
Michael Garfield

"....a pop cathedral to paradox – integrating emotional depth and dazzling skill, intellectual enthusiasm and spiritual expanse, acoustic grace and electronic grit, head and heart and hips...."  -MG

Please partake and listen, you'll like it....

David Beegle-Killer Colorado Guitarist
one of Hapi-Skratch's finest
Anthony Cinquini
an incredible writer, producer, and instrumentalist...does it all and very well
Christa Cannon

An aspiring actress and talented person I had chance to work along side with a short film I did...check out her site....

Art Hurts Records
Check out Beston Barnett(Incredibly talented musician and song-writer) including some mother-land artists produced by Beston B and others...take it for a spin!...definetly worth your while
Ben Forrest Davis
this dude is a incredible song-writer...worth your while to check him out!
Denver Legend David Booker
check out David Booker
Anthony James Baker
a talented smooth jazz guitarist that once lived here in DENVER...now in the UK
Callaghan Lawyers
my college buddy and guitar buddy's LAW FIRM...check it out
Lynn Patrick-check her out-stellar Colorado Instrumental guitarist
NUURO is Alejandro Ghersi, a Venezuelan musician living in New York that plays some really cool and hip electronica, IDM etc.......
The music and art of Steve Clark

Check out Steve, my buddy who played and performed at my wedding.  Good guy!

Carl Marcucci-Radio links
College buddie's radio links
Ben O' Connor
  • Electric/Upright Bass
  • Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Roots Rock
  • Studio and Live
  • Colorado and Beyond
Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams

Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams’ classic style of honky tonk has a language and culture all to itself, but only takes one quick lesson to learn how to love for a lifetime. The twang of the steel guitar, snap of the snare drum, thump of the stand-up bass and rippin’ electric guitar solos mix with Wofford’s distinctive vocals to create a sound that is familiar yet purely original. Ringing out all along the Front Range of Colorado and beyond, Wofford’s wavering tenor conjures up images of Hank Williams Sr., Buddy Holly and Bob Wills.

Hillbilly Inferno

A Gypsadelic Bluegrasstani Experience!

Hillbilly Inferno will take you on a musical journey from an easy blaze to a raging, rapid oxidation of music that will leave you smoldering for more. Deep roots and old-time influences spark against progressive acoustics and multi-cultural flavors, firing up a musical conflagration.

Putting the "MENTAL" in instrumental guitar!

If you are a guitar GEEK to the max such as I am.....this is a MUST site to check out!!!

Chris Ramey Music

Check out another talented friend and musician....Chris Ramey's psychedelic-funk-country-rock-reggae!!

Other Robert Eldridge related sites

IUMA site
buy downloads from YAHOO
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European site
don't know where this site came from
Japanese site
Japanese site
Other MySPACE page
other stuff
Magic Bus Music Forum
another cool site for band with tools etc....
Unsigned -Robert Eldridge link
Virgin Digital-Robert Eldridge downloads-UK
another Robert Eldridge site in the UK for downloads
Linkedin Site-Robert Eldridge
business social networking site for Robert Eldridge-
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